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Our Services:

Dr. Ribas now offers general neurological examinations for all conditions involving the Brain and Central or Peripheral Nervous Systems. The examinations can include:

1. neuro-evaluation,

2. assessment and differential diagnosis,

3. encephalogram, routine and forty eight  (48) hours,

4. nerve conduction studies (NCS),

5. electromyogram, (EMG), 

6. preventive health care. 

The neurological systems generally control memory, body movement, muscle, and nerve pain. Dr. Ribas prides herself in keeping current with medical science by reading and studying medical journals and attending lectures and seminars  where changing neurological science is described. 

Dr. Ribas is a member of the American Academy of Neurology, Alzheimers Association and Headache Associations. 

Dr. Ribas believes that Neurological science is just starting to advance. She believes that the next medical leap forward should take place in neurology.  

Dr. Ribas will continue to offer all clinical evaluations and all medical testing appropriate to reaching a definitive neurological diagnosis for each patient. Each patient, and their family, must be aware that neurological medical science remains limited to the present state of scientific knowledge. Patient treatment is limited to presently accepted and authorized medical protocols .

Dr. Ribas is "RE-BOARD CERTIFIED" February 9, 2015.