EDUCATION:  Dr. Ribas Attended : 1) Bradley University Bachelor in Science; 2) Central Caribbean University, Medical Doctor; 3) Nassau County Medical Center, Internship and Residency: one year general medicine, three years Neurology; 4) Epilepsy Fellowship, University of Maryland Epilepsy Center. Dr. Ribas' curiculum vitae [CV] is available on request. Dr. Ribas was specially trained in the evaluation of epilepsy surgical candidates under the direction of Dr. Azik Wolf, Dr. Gregory Bergey, Dr. Alan Krumholz and Dr. Elizabeth Barry using "Brain Mapping" to assess potential epileptic seizure sites for surgical removal. These surgeries substantially Improved the patient's activities of daily living. Dr . Ribas is also proud of her experience being mentored by the director of the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center, who was one of the first physicians of the world to research and treat Parkinson's Disease.

MISSION: Dr. Ribas seeks to Provide preventive or palliative personalized, prompt, high-quality neurological care on an as-needed basis. 

NATURE OF PRACTICE. Dr. Ribas Provides a full-service general neurology practice, in Miami, since 1995. Her practice has evolved into a family neurology practice.    Over the past fifteen (15) years Dr. Ribas has seen and/or treated fifteen thousand (15,000) patients. Patients are referred from physicians, patients and family members. Dr. Ribas has treated families from great grand-mother and/or great grand-father, grandparents, parents, children, friends and neighbors. Dr. Ribas welcomes recommendations from her patients.

UNIQUE EXPERIENCE. Dr. Ribas has experience diagnosing and treating memory disorders, movement disorders, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and other demyelinating disorders of the Central and Peripheral nerve systems, headaches, back and neck pain, and other neurological conditions Dr. Ribas is dedicated to her patients and believes In working With her patients to improve each patient's health and quality of life. She works together with family members to serve all the patient's medical needs, in all stages of life, assisting and supporting care takers. Dr . Ribas believes In  providing comprehensive neurological health care to her patients in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, educating her patients, and their family, to achieve the best possible outcome. 

Dr. Ribas is Board Certified by the American Academy of Neurology. She has lectured on multiple subjects Including seizure disorders, migraine, tension and other headaches, memory disorders, Parkinson's and other movement disorders. Her talks include patho-physiology, prevention, care and  treatment. 

Every patient has a unique history. Dr. Ribas thoroughly Interviews each patient to understand his or her life history, the conditions contributing to the complaints and thoroughly examines each patient to fully evaluate the patient's complaints. Each patient requires a substantial amount of "face time" and may require medical research to fully evaluate, diagnose the patient, then inform the patient and family of the diagnosis and treatment. Medical science uses specific illness names. Because each patient is unique, each patient's symptoms will be different. Each patient requires symptom specific medications and symptom specific treatments. Evaluating specific symptom medications, and treatment is time intense and oftentimes medications must be adjusted for each patient.

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Dr. Ribas is "RE-BOARD CERTIFIED" February 9, 2015.